Lucia Capacchione PhD, ATR, REAT

Best-selling author of 23 books, including: Recovery of Your Inner Child, The Creative Journal and The Power of Your Other Hand. A Registered Art Therapist and pioneer in Expressive Arts Therapies she conducts workshops and professional certification training in her innovative methods.

Dr. Capacchione originated:

  • The Creative Journal: art and writing for all ages

  • Nondominant hand drawing and writing for healing and creative breakthroughs

  • Inner Child/Inner Family healing and recovery through expressive arts

  • The Creative Journal Expressive Arts Method (CJEA)

  • Visioning® Coaching: life design through collage and journaling

Dr. Capacchione methods are being used worldwide in education, therapy and life coaching. Her texts and workbooks are used in courses on art therapy, psychology, creative writing, and art. Her techniques are used in cancer support groups, schools (K-12), memory care centers, and programs for veterans. Dr. Capacchione’s books have been translated into 20 languages.

2020 Workshops & Events

For everyone—artists/non-artists, and writers/non-writers alike!


Information about Dr. Capacchione's private sessions based on her books. Learn about her consulting work with organizations.

2020-2021 Training

Dr. Capacchione and Dr. Marsha Nelson offer annual year-long certification trainings in Creative Journal Expressive Arts for professionals.

The Power of Your Other Hand Blog

Inspiring stories by Dr. Capacchione, her readers, clients, and students. Learn how they found the healing, creativity and inner wisdom through their non-dominant hand.

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